CompactRIO External Solid State Drive

CompactRIO SSD Arcale

CompactRIO SSD Arcale

CompactRIO SSD Arcale


cRIO SSD module is the first plug&play solution allowing to increase your cRIO storage space while enjoying the benefits of SSD technology.


Contrary to other storage media such as USB keys or external HDD, cRIO SSD module ensures an optimal mechanical integration and garanteed compatibility with your controller.


In order to meet all needs, we offer a wide range of capacities from 128 GB to 1 TB.


128GB, 256GB, 512GB ou 1TB

Write speed



Linux RT




Operating temperature

0°C – 70°C


Puce ValideCompatible with all operating systems
Puce ValideSimple connection on the USB port
Puce ValideNo specific driver needed
Puce ValideHot-pluggable


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